1. My field of study is commerce, a program that focuses on business and its relationship to the many disciplines of social science, such as economics and sociology.
  2. The personal experience I will use to open my article is the time I ignored a homeless woman who was lying on the ground helplessly on the metro.
  3. This experience led me to my investigation question: how have I become so desensitized to the homeless?
  4. I think this topic would appeal to a broad audience because it’s a social issue most commuters come face-to-face with every day. Like me, I think other Canadians have a hard time knowing how to feel about our country’s problem with homelessness and believe that the issue is too big to tackle.
  5. My topic is related to commerce because I will be analyzing the impact of homelessness on our economy and exploring the possible costs of ending homelessness nationwide.
  6. An online magazine that my feature article could appear in is Salon, a general interest magazine that is both insightful and comical, because I’d like my work to be engaging and witty while still tackling a serious issue.
  7. In my feature article, I plan to write about homelessness as a social issue and the ways homelessness is perceived. I’d like to write about how Canadians have become desensitized to the homeless by expanding on my personal experience with the issue. Not only will I tackle the question of why we’re so desensitized to the homeless, but also what it will take for the general public to consider homelessness their problem too. I want to try to expose the problem of homelessness in our country as a problem that we can solve by exploring the economic dimensions of the issue. By revealing what has proven to work and what doesn’t, I hope to break some stereotypes about homeless people, like the belief that they want to be homeless or that they will abuse help. I’m excited to continue working on this project and piece all of the information and ideas I have together. I hope that this project is both eye-opening to me and to anybody that reads it. I’m eager to learn more about homelessness in Canada to be able to help with the issue. Although I think organizing and prioritizing my ideas will be a challenge, I can see this project helping me become a better critical thinker.


People to interview:

  • Employees at St. Michael’s mission (working directly with Montreal’s poor and homeless)
  • Employees at the Old Brewery Mission (providing services for the homeless)
  • Employees at Logifem (providing shelter and care to women and children in Montreal)
  • Employees at Herstreet (helping homeless women)

Places I might visit as part of my research:

  • Homeless shelters listed above
  • Metros and other places with many homeless people where I can note the public’s relationship with the homeless

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