Reading Response #11

1. I really liked working on one long piece of writing throughout the semester. It was hard at times because it was easy for me to get lost in what I wanted to say. Because I worked on it for so long, it was difficult for me to tell what parts of my research were important. When you’ve been looking at a piece of information for a month or two, you start to think the information is obvious or boring, which can be confusing. The most valuable thing I learned was not to get too attached to how I want my article to look at the beginning of the process. Also, now I really value the editing process and understand that cutting things out isn’t a bad thing.

2. I think dialogue will be the most useful tool in my writing going forward. In taking this class I really came to value the simple way that people speak. I think the best part of my paper is the dialogue from my interview because my interviewee spoke in metaphors that made the issue really clear.

3. I do think my writing has improved over the course of this class. Not only do I pay more attention to the editing process, but I also consider the different ways to convey information. I think that now that I know how to use different writing techniques, I can make better decisions about how I want to tell someone something.

4. In future writing projects, I’ll definitely work on cutting things down. Editing and cutting out parts of my drafts have been the most difficult tasks for me, but I know how much this can improve a piece of writing. Also, I think I’ll try to start writing as early as possible. I didn’t really like my first few drafts of this feature article, but having my ideas written down and having the chance to rework them was really helpful.


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