Lab #11

Par One: Titles

  1. Does it Matter That You Ignored That Homeless Person?
  2. Spare Some Change
  3. No Change to Spare: How Ignoring Homeless People is the Problem
  4. Stopping Homelessness Starts With You
  5. How to Build Homes for the Homeless
  6. Homeless is Where the Heart is
  7. The Home Blueprint
  8. Building Homes
  9. The Home Project
  10. How to Solve Homelessness

Part Two: First and last sentences of paragraphs

I didn’t change a lot of my first or last sentences because I think a lot of my paragraphs transitioned well. Even though a few of my paragraphs are not linked with transition sentences, it seems to flow well. My main issue with first sentences will be reworking the first sentence of my lead.


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