Lab #5

Part One: Research Directions

  1. Does it matter that I’ve become desensitized to homeless people?
  2. Homelessness in Canada, homelessness in Montreal, homelessness in cities, perceptions of homelessness, civic duty, social responsibility, empathy/sympathy, overwhelming social issues, government responsibility, responsibility in general.

Part Two: Non-academic sources

  • Jailed For Being Homeless : In Colorado, it’s illegal for homeless people to sit or lie down on sidewalks and in public, which leads them to getting fines and being thrown in jail. This is helpful in noting the economic costs of homelessness and the impossible obstacles they have to overcome.
  • First-ever national look at homelessness in Canada released: This source is useful in presenting the economic costs of homelessness and the price tax payers need to pay to solve it. The author of the report made an interesting metaphor in saying that with natural disasters, there are always emergency response plans whereas with unnatural disasters like homelessness, they are stuck in crisis mode. Instead of managing it, the author says, they need to be ending it. I thought this was really revealing.
  • Do You Ignore Homeless People?:This article is helpful in presenting the psychological reasons why people ignore homeless people. I learned that part of the problem is that we don’t think it could happen to us.

Part Three: Academic sources

  • Ending homelessness among people with mental illness : This article is useful in explaining the At Home/Chez Soi projects and its affects.
  • Homelessness in Canada: This source is helpful in defining homelessness, providing statistics about homelessness in Canada, and presenting obstacles and possibilities to solving the problem. This article also provides social and economic costs of homelessness in Canada and describes the “housing first approach” to ending homelessness. I learned that 15% of the prison population consists of people who were homeless in the previous year.

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